Overcome and understand the #1 performance obstacle

I'm an ex-professional footballer, recovering addict, and individual coach. I'm on a mission to support individuals in business and sport in understanding and overcoming what I know as the number one performance obstacle; fear.
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Patrick Crompton
Founder eSynergy Solutons
"In 2017 Drewe joined the management team helping support across the entirety of the company of 300+ staff. His work is without judgement, fancy acronyms or specific domain knowledge of our business. He has a gift with people. He is motivating and supportive and we are lucky to have him supporting our business growth. Whilst there are many factors attributing to our success, Drewe has had a strong part in our journey as he’s implemented ‘Sweat & Courage' as a philosophy top down in the business and will continue to be an integral part of the leadership."
Anthony Battle
CIO Jaguar Landrover
“Drewe has worked with myself, senior management team and creative staff as we look to change the culture of high performance, which to us is everything. Hugely insightful... I would recommend, thanks Drewe!”
Phil Jones
Former Manchester United & England Footballer
"“Thanks Drewe, you came along at a vital time for me, your support is invaluable. I have seen so many ‘experts’ in my career but always struggled to relate and never had the kind of breakthrough I needed."
Aidy Boothroyd
Former England U21 Manager
"This course came at a critical time for me after leaving my role as Head Coach of the England U21's men's side. I felt a little lost, and was recommended to Drewe's course. Drewe really is tackling the most vital area in leadership education. I can't recommend this course and the community of coaches highly enough."
Russell Martin
Southampton FC Manager
“Drewe's ability to understand the emotional aspects of performance and to translate this into language that is understandable for both staff and players is simply unique. I am grateful we have Drewe supporting both the staff and plavers at Southampton.“
Anthony Hudson
Acting Head Coach US Men's Soccer Team
“I came across Drewe’s work online back in 2020. I found it intriguing and challenging. I went through one of Drewe’s courses one to one and it is the most powerful experience of my life. As a head coach, rarely, if ever, do we delve in to such profound subjects, but it’s an ABSOLUTE MUST THAT WE DO! I look forward to using Drewe ’s unique skill-set both personally and with those I lead.”
Justin Quick
COO Exeter City FC
"I’m so glad I contacted you Drewe, thank you for everything, your ability to sense where people are at is phenomenal."

World class coaching for players in your pocket

This game is so simple when you are 10 years of age. Every year, every game it gets harder. More comparison, more competition, more noise, more fear. Tune in and rediscover the 10 year old you who played with freedom, creativity and no fear.
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