Overcome and understand the #1 performance obstacle

I'm an ex-professional footballer, recovering addict, and individual coach. I'm on a mission to support individuals in business and sport in understanding and overcoming what I know as the number one performance obstacle; fear.
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Anthony Battle
CIO Jaguar Landrover
"I invited Drewe into Jaguar Landrover to deliver to the leadership team on Fear and it’s effects on innovation and creativity, which to us is everything . Hugely insightful ….I would highly recommend,  thanks Drewe!"
Phil Jones
Manchester United & England Footballer
"Thanks Drewe, you came along at a vital time for me, your support is invaluable. I have seen so many ‘experts’ in my career but always struggled to relate and never had the kind of breakthrough I needed"
Hal Robson-Kanu
Former West Bromwich Albion & Wales Striker
"I worked with Drewe for over a decade. I've always looked to be the very best I can. I've met many coaches during my career, but Drewe has a real gift and level of expertise in the area of high performance and what it takes emotionally and physically to to be at your best. I am proud to call him a friend."
Patrick Crompton
Founder · ESynergy Solutions
"In 2017 Drewe joined the management team helping create a better culture focussed around honesty. He has helped teach us the benefits of being vulnerable and honest with each other & ourselves. As a result, we are much more open with each other around our feelings. We are learning that being vulnerable is a great strength not a weakness which is leading to greater trust and relationships across the business.

John Birtwhistle
Associate director
"We started working with Drewe in the autumn of2018 and it quickly became apparent that his approach to coaching was very different to anything i have previously encountered. Holding the mirror up, challenging your thought process, beliefs and sense of belonging was tough but the subsequent results speak for themselves.Fear underpins every facet of our lives bothprofessionally and personally.
Matt Wallace
PGA Tour Golfer
"I was introduced to Drewe Back in 2012. I used to struggle performing to my full potential in tournaments. Drewe not only helped me believe in myself but he reminded me why I took up the game of golf. He made me own my competitive personality and will to win. Thank you Drewe."
Joel Stalter
DP Tour Golfer
"I found Drewe’s content online incredible and I’ve worked with so many sports psychologists but I had never relayed to anything as much. We started working in August and my form has never been as good. I went from a 73.8 shot average to a 68.1. Drewe will remain part of my team and the future looks incredible with him in my corner.“
Ulrike Eder
Chief Operating Officer
"Drewe breaks down personal barriers in minutes and is highly effective at working at a very emotive level, helping individuals and team to trust, communicate and lead. He ticks all the boxes you'd expect from an experienced coach, will really pushyou and is highly personable. Couldn't recommend"
Russ Taylor
Sky Sports
"Drewe is a natural orator, eloquent yet brutally honest, lifting the lid on a subject often ignored or simply passed by those looking in. Most notably, Drewe is a well respected voice for many footballers both retired and still in the game who continue to feel they can’t speak out about their own fears and anxieties. At all levels, countless have cited him for being an inspiration in them highlighting their own struggles, many of whom have felt the courage to publicly reveal their own battles."
Aidy Boothroyd
Former England U21 Manager
"This course came at a critical time for me after leaving my role as Head Coach of the England U21's men's side. I felt a little lost, and was recommended to Drewe's course. Drewe really is tackling the most vital area in leadership education. I can't recommend this course and the community of coaches highly enough."
high performance coaching

Have you got the guts to be a high performer?

I work with individual and sport to help them overcome, understand, and unlock the #1 performance obstacle; fear.
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I'm on a mission to Enlighten leaders on the unspoken truth of high performance; harnessing fear.

As a former professional footballer, I was tipped for the top. However, my career was dogged and undermined by soul searching and fear. After 600 professional games, It culminated in me going into rehab for addictions and an emotional breakdown in 2011.
I'm on a mission to enlighten and educate individuals and sport on the ongoing issues concerning inconsistent performance, loss of form, and the fallout from the loss of identity and fear.
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This game is so simple when you are 10 years of age. Every year, every game it gets harder. More comparison, more competition, more noise, more fear. Tune in and rediscover the 10 year old you who played with freedom, creativity and no fear.
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