I'm on a mission to Enlighten people on the unspoken truth of High performance; harnessing fear.

As a former professional footballer, I was tipped for the top. However, my career was dogged and undermined by soul searching and fear. After 600 professional games, It culminated in me going into rehab for addictions and an emotional breakdown in 2011.
My breakdown in 2011 forced me to go on a fearless journey of honest self reflection. The single outcome of this work, was a realisation and understanding that fear had stolen my potential. My profound understanding of this has led to a decade of guiding high performers across sport and business in unlocking their performances by understanding and harnessing fear.
THE PROBLEM for players

players fear underperforming, being humiliated, and not fulfilling their potential.

As a player I started to survive, rather than flourish. Performances that would naturally occur on the training ground, I couldn't recreate on match day and I found myself constantly searching for answers. To try and find my performance I would over-train, under-train, eat perfectly or poorly, and constantly fluctuate between needing complete control and letting go. Nothing worked. The truth is, I only performed at my best for 5% of a 17 year professional playing career.

I've worked with international, premier league, and academy players who are all experiencing the same issues in their performance due to fear.

My solution is to guide players on how to understand their fears and unlock their performance.

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business owners fear not generating the level revenue they know they are capable of

Over the last five years I have coached 200+ business high performers. This work has been hugely enlightening for me in it's confirmation of everything I thought was translatable from sport into business. The #1 obstacle for many business owners, sales teams, product teams, and managers is fear.

The natural response to fear is control. This is actioned by more meetings, more KPI's, more strategy, more planning, more goals. In sport I have seen the same behaviours actioned from coaches and players searching for their performance. More attention to tactics, more meetings, more scrutiny of data, more analysis, and ultimately a 24/7 always on mindset.

My solution is educating business high performers on how to understand their fears, the fears of their teams, and unlock the companies performance.

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