Anthony Battle
CIO Jaguar Landrover
"I invited Drewe into Jaguar Landrover to deliver to the leadership team on Fear and it’s effects on innovation and creativity, which to us is everything . Hugely insightful ….I would highly recommend,  thanks Drewe!"
Russ Taylor
Producer Sky Sports
"Drewe is a natural orator, eloquent yet brutally honest, lifting the lid on a subject often ignored or simply passed by those looking in. Most notably, Drewe is a well respected voice for many footballers both retired and still in the game who continue to feel they can’t speak out about their own fears and anxieties. At all levels, countless have cited him for being an inspiration in them highlighting their own struggles, many of whom have felt the courage to publicly revel their own battles."
Steve Lindsey
Professional Development for the Sales Community
"Drewe has brilliantly served our sales and leadership community on more than one occasion, both online and in person. As an event organiser, we welcome speakers and experts like Drewe so we can better serve and meet the growing needs of our audience, to help unlock potential and build a better future. Drewe is one of the good guys, a great professional pre-show but he will also take you on a personal, thought-provoking journey, sharing key lessons, actions and tools to apply almost instantly."