8 weeks part-time online course
A transformational journey with a class of up to 15. Learn how to harness the #1 block to performance; FEAR. Join live online classes and an 8 week's WhatsApp support group with the other course participants from around the world, to dig deeper into fulfilling your potential and that of those you lead.
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Do you suffer the pain of not being able to perform consistently At the level you know you’re capable of? 

My part-time, live FEAR course is an immersive 8 week's learning experience. You'll learn the value of vulnerability in a safe environment during live sessions with up to 15 business leaders and sports performers from around the world. During the course you'll understand how to unlock the potential in yourself and more importantly those you lead. You'll understand the questions to ask, and how to predict the feelings and emotions of those you lead to unlock their potential.
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Ultimately, leadership is all about connection.

KPIs, Analysis, Science and data make up 10% of what it takes to perform at your very best as an individual or as a team. The rest is emotional understanding.

Part-Time · 8 weeks
Pre-course Preparation
Before Week 1
Change; The Emotional Journey

- 10 days prior to the commencement of the course, all participants will be sent questions, reading and videos on the subject of change. It will prepare you for the 8 weeks ahead and create a greater understanding of the life changing journey that awaits
Fear & Control
Week 1
During our first live class we will really start to look at how so often fears lie hidden and unconscious and affect everything we do as leaders
  • Introduction to myself, my journey, my vast experience and why I have written this syllabus
  • Meet cohort of other individuals
  • Discuss the 8 week journey, module by module to the culmination of;  ‘Sweat & Courage’ in the final week.
  • Learn about fear and the subtle behaviours it creates
  • Challenge the conventional high performance belief systems
  • discuss vulnerability to prepare for week 2
  • Run through homework
Ego, Performance Cancer
Week 2
  • Run through this week’s questions as a group
  • A deep dive into a commonly used word which I believe is greatly misunderstood
  • Start to see the links between Fear & Ego
  • Watch and listen to world class performers talk about how they confronted ego
  • Understand why Ego is a natural state of being that steals true belief and trust
Toxic Shame
Week 3
During the third week of our High Performance Bootcamp you'll learn about toxic shame. Shame is the root of so many performance issues humans battle. We will learn how individuals can become Shame based and the grave consequences this has.
  • Run through this week’s homework questions as agroup and learn why toxic shame is the root of so many issues
  • Start to see the links between fear in week 1, ego in week 2 and now toxic shame in week 3
  • Collaborative discussion with video examples
  • Starting to understand why you can't perform consistently unless you address and work though the origins of shame
  • Challenge the conventional High Performance belief systems
  • Understand how our language is critical as leaders
  • Discuss through Shame how we can connect or re connect with lost beliefs.
  • Run through homework
Vulnerability V Invincibility
Week 4
During the fourth week of our High Performance Bootcamp you'll learn about vulnerability. What it is? Why it’s not used? Why it requires huge courage and how it changes everything.
  • Run through this week’s homework questions as agroup and learn why vulnerability is the opposite of weakness in performance
  • Start to see the links between fear in week 1, ego in week 2 and being vulnerable
  • Collaborative discussion with video examples
  • Starting to understand why you can't perform consistently unless you accept the truth of vulnerability
  • Challenge the conventional High Performance belief systems
  • Discuss surrender & Powerlessness
  • Run through homework
Trust & Belief
Week 5
Following the foundations of fear, you'll explore how subtle controlling behaviours are destroying your performance. During this session you'll begin to understand the difference between being empowered and powerlessness, and how all of the world's highest performers grasp this.
  • Run through this week’s homework questions as a group and learn what is uncontrollable in performance
  • Recognise the difference between empowered and powerlessness
  • Collaborative discussion with video examples
  • Starting to understand why you can't perform consistently
  • Discuss the deeper understanding of yourself and how vital this is in leadership
  • Run through homework
Authenticity. The I AM
Week 6
During week six of our High Performance Bootcamp you'll take on what I consider the greatest challenge to unlocking consistent High Performance. Following our powerlessness week, we'll embrace vulnerability through fearless conversations and exercises during class.
  • Run through this weeks homework questions as a group
  • Learn why becoming Authentic and living in authenticity is the hardest thing we will ever do but, also the key to our potential.
  • Watch and reflect as a group on a series of videos highlighting and shining a light further on this topic
  • Learn WHY fear steals authenticity
  • Learn why a lack of self authenticity creates doubt and fear in those you lead
Empathy, The Key To Unlocking Potential
Week 7
Empathy means to feel. To be in touch deeply with our feelings in order that we can identify and connect with others. This level of connection is truly a game changer. All of the hundreds of people I have coached it’s THIS they crave more than anything.
  • Run through this weeks homework questions as a group
  • Empathy is greatly discussed as the the most valuable tool in leadership. I believe it is. This week we will dive deeply into this subject. We will start to see how our ability to be empathetic becomes greatly reduced when we have buried fears and traumas.
  • We will watch videos discussing this and be joined by vastly experienced speaker to share their vast knowledge on the subject to help YOU go to another level in this critical areas
Sweat & Courage
Week 8
In this last week, we come to the place we discussed in week 1, Sweat & Courage. A journey through fear and vulnerability to surrender, authenticity and empathy we have slowly removed the blocks, the attachments to fear and to the two things we can control. 
  • Run through this weeks questions as a group
  • We will discuss the course to this point. You will then present a short presentation of your journey from week 1 to week 8, offering key moments of growth and breakthroughs and examples of practical application of the tools learned. 
  • Sweat & Courage. We look at why this module is here and what it means to us all now. We will discuss practical solutions that we can use to keep ourselves in fit emotional condition and in our courage
  • We finish with a closing summary of the course and presentation of course certificates
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We’re proud to upskill leaders online from around the world, in the most neglected yet, the most vital area of leadership education. The sense of community created is profound. 

Gary Caldwell
Exeter City Head Coach
"So happy that I got in touch with you. Your stuff on social media is always inspiring. The last 8 weeks has been incredible, not only yourself and the learning, but also the support, stories and wisdom from all the other members. I feel privelaged to have been part of this course."
Steve Cooke
Director of Academy at Seattle Sounders
"Just want to say what an amazing 8 weeks. Your leadership, the way you have put the course together has been incredible for all of us. We have all become great friends, sharing experiences and helping each other regarding vulnerability, surrender and getting to know ourselves has been something that will help me professionally and on a personal level."
Bjarki Mar Olafsson
Director of football at Al Arabi
"I came across Drewe's content on social media some months ago. I related to so much of his content, especially the problems we are currently facing in football. I was struggling. The past 8 weeks in the high performace bootcamp I have been able to change my approach. It is not about proving yourself to others, but it is about understanding yourself to be able to understand others. I have increased awareness and empathy now. It has affected me positively more than I had ever hoped for."
Aidy Boothroyd
Former England U21 Manager
"This course came at a critical time for me after leaving my role as Head Coach of the England U21's men's side. I felt a little lost, and was recommended to Drewe's course. Drewe really is tackling the most vital area in leadership education. I can't recommend this course and the community of coaches highly enough."
Stephen Kirby
Leicester City Women's Coach
"The course is different to anything I’ve ever been on and is an experience I’m very thankful of. No doubt will have a permanent lasting effect on me. I would recommended this course to absolutely everyone that I know."
Tom Monaghan
"Thanks a million to Drewe and all of you for the last few weeks - learned a lot from the content and everyone’s contributions. It’s a huge challenge applying the content in everyday scenarios but one that I’m enjoying exploring even when it’s difficult, it was great to hear others having similar experiences with it."
Neil Murphy
School Principal in the UAE
"As a teacher my experience of the course was that it was put together so well and the modules structured each week were brilliant. They were all important in their own right. I will never be able to thank you and the bootcamp group enough!"
Pat Maquire
"Loved every minute of the thought provoking content Drewe delivered brilliantly and everyone participated in. Slowly but surely gaining the benefits alongside greater wisdom and awareness. Looking forward to touching base with you all very shortly."


Learn live with COACHES & LEADERS who have been to hell and back.

During the course you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions live to world class performers. I’ve worked with these individuals from the worlds of business and sport and they’ve been on the journey through fear and into their highest potential.
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Learn & network with a bunch of COACHES & leaders around the world who have the same ambition & drive as you. 

My FEAR courses are intense and it will be a lot of work emotionally. This is a schedule that works for leaders around the world. Every step of the way you’ll receive support from your peers and teacher.
19.30 - 21.30 UK weekly for 8 weeks on zoom
During the week
Exclusive access to Drewe and the rest of the class via an exclusive WhatsApp group
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I've had 25+ years experience as a player, coach, mentor, and therapist

As a former professional footballer, I was tipped for the top. However, my career was dogged and undermined by soul searching and fear. After 600 professional games, It culminated in me going into rehab for addictions and an emotional breakdown in 2011.

My breakdown in 2011 forced me to go on a fearless journey of honest self reflection. The single outcome of this work, was a realisation and understanding that fear had stolen my potential. My profound understanding of this has led to a decade of guiding high performers across sport and business in unlocking their performances by understanding and harnessing fear.
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what's the cost of losing your next game or even your job?

Unlike other courses who tuck away their prices, I'm totally transparent with my online course pricing and take pride in being accessible and affordable.
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8 week online COURSE
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On this bootcamp, coaches & leaders can understand the #1 performance obstacle;fear.
Join up to 15 coaches & leaders in our live course
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Complete course prep work
1x live Zoom class a week
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3 monthly payments

FEAR bootcamp

8 weeks online Bootcamps
3 monthly payments
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For new or experienced coaches wanting to understand the #1 performance obstacle with yourself and your players; fear.
Join up to 15 high performance individuals in our live Bootcamp
Incredible networking opportunity
Exclusive access to Drewe every week
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Complete course prep work
1x live Zoom class a week
Grab 1:1 time with Drewe
Bootcamp Course Notebook & Stash
Receive a signed copy of my Book
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Fear bootcamp

8 week online Bootcamps
The majority of my Bootcamps are filled with club coaches. I offer an annual package for clubs wanting to upskill their coaching staff.
For new or experienced coaches wanting to understand the #1 performance obstacle with yourself and your players; fear.
Join up to 15 coaches in our live Bootcamp
Join coaching community platform
Complete 5hr prep work
1x live Zoom class a week
Grab 1:1 time with Drewe
High Performance certificate


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My part-time, live FEAR course is an immersive 7 week's learning experience. You'll take a learn-by-doing approach during live sessions with 10 high performers around the world. During the Bootcamp you'll understand the daily conversations I have used daily for the last 10 years to overcome the #1 performance obstacle; fear.

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