Acccredited Fear Coach
Louis had well over a decade pursuing dreams as a young professional golfer early in his life. The journey was always carrying a silent passenger that was always battling internally with mind and emotions. Alcohol & Gambling pretty early became the only perceived coping mechanism which eventually took its toll leaving him with the reality of a failed potential and completely lost & broken at the end of 2018. 
Since January 2019 Louis removed alcohol and began to share the unspoken truth of his experience’s while diving deeper into the ‘why’ and ‘what happened’ questions. This pretty quickly created immediate identification for many others and moved into to him supporting and coaching others with their own journeys. Sharing the lived experiences and new understandings that had supported himself became seriously impactful for many others.
Having graduated through the Fear Bootcamps in 2020 lead by Drewe, it was quickly clear that the extensive learnings from the personal experiences as well as the Emotional Intelligence Program itself would aline deeply on personal level and would have radical, immediate effect on my own abilities and coaching.
Louis now supports and works with a number of Elite Golfers, Professional Footballers, Sports & Business professionals as well as a number of retired Athletes. His work consists of in depth and individual emotional understanding as well as the exploration in human performance and potential.
Louis combines his coaching with teaching the Bootcamp in Advanced Emotional Intelligence as well as supporting the various groups and individuals with Drewe inside the ‘ Sweat & Courage’ App
Helen Pinkney
Operations Manager
Helen has a vast experience in sales and events and for the last 5 years in the development and management of new business at silverstone circuits UK. She has come on board to knit together all of Drewe’s offerings whilst growing out new opportunities and managing Drewe’s commitments.
Gareth Morgan
Head Of Digital Operations
Gareth has worked with Drewe for a couple of years now to develop the overall strategy and implementation of the businesses digital strategy. Having 15 years experience of working on various brands across the world, this is an important role in building The Fear Coach brand.
Zack Leader
Social Media Manager
Zack has come on board to assist with the development of how The Fear Coach is seen across social media. You'll see the progression on social media across all platforms thanks to Gareth and Zack.