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I've been fortunate to work with high performing founders, coaches, and athletes around the world for over a decade. I have experienced every scenario, emotion, and feeling that all founders, footballers, coaches, and athletes will experience on their journey.
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Having played over 500+ EFL Professional football matches over a 17 year playing career, I've found my calling, by taking everything I experienced in the worlds most competitive industry to helping others overcome the #1 performance blocker; fear.


I've worked in academies, with first teams, and individual players around the world sharing with them hard won insights, enabling them to overcome the #1 performance blocker; fear.


From 2016 I was engaged by business owners to help them grow in understanding and effectiveness of the #1 performance blocker in their company; fear. Enabling them to start achieving the kind of results they always envisaged.


From training grounds to stadiums, driving ranges to PGA tours, city offices to late night phone calls, honest face-times to zoom sessions. I have experienced every scenario, emotion, and feeling that all founders, footballers, coaches, and athletes will experience on their journey.
Monica Shafaq
CEO · Kaleidoscope
"Quality is very important to us at the Kaleidoscope Plus Group – not just in terms of the services that we provide to our users but also the way in which we interact with, respect and support one another as a team.  Drewe exudes quality in everything he does – his inspirational and thought provoking speeches and insight,  the manner in which he is able to put people at ease and also how he challenges views and opinions that are sometime contrary to creating a high performing environment which not only supports a business, but also importantly the individuals involved"
Ash Knight
Founder · Ashley James Group
"We started working with Drewe in 2017 and it’s no coincidence that our team have gone on to set new records. I’ve learned so much about great leadership, who am I? Who are my team? How are they feeling? What does this mean to us? All questions we now have answers to. I’d now count Drewe as a friend, a mentor, an accountability buddy and the best (zero BS) coach I’ve met and ironically he’s never done our job. But if you’re looking for results then I’d 100% recommend him."
Patrick Crompton
Founder · ESynergy Solutions
Drewe has helped create a better culture focussed around honesty. He has helped teach us the benefits of being vulnerable and honest with each other & ourselves. As a result, we are much more open with each other around our feelings. We are learning that being vulnerable is a great strength not a weakness which is leading to greater trust and relationships across the business. His work is without judgement, fancy acronyms or specific domain knowledge of our business . He has a gift with people. He is motivating and supportive and we are lucky to have him supporting our business grow. Whilst there are many factors attributing to our success Drewe has had a strong part in our journey.

Matt Wallace
PGA Tour Golfer · #50
"I was introduced to Drewe Back in 2012. I used to struggle performing to my full potential in tournaments. Drewe not only helped me believe in myself but he reminded me why I took up the game of golf. He made me own my competitive personality and will to win. Thank you Drewe."
Roger Arnott
Coaching Director · Hearts FC
"Drewe impacted the Academy coaches and senior management team at Hearts more than any other element of our Coach Development Program in recent years. It was an honour to be able to learn from Drewe’s emotional journey in football and from his personal journey through life, providing the coaches with a real insight into ‘the person’ behind the player. And I think that is the key…… too often in youth development, we are consumed by the process of motivating and developing ‘the player’, enhancing ‘the performance’ with all the resources around Academy football"
Russ Taylor
Sky Sports
"Drewe is a natural orator, eloquent yet brutally honest, lifting the lid on a subject often ignored or simply passed by those looking in. Most notably, Drewe is a well respected voice for many footballers both retired and still in the game who continue to feel they can’t speak out about their own fears and anxieties. At all levels, countless have cited him for being an inspiration in them highlighting their own struggles, many of whom have felt the courage to publicly reveal their own battles."
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